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World’s 9 Safest Countries to Visit

With the Foreign Office updating their travel advice, do you know where is safe to travel and where to avoid? In today’s world it’s not easy to know where is safe to visit and where to avoid, but The Social Progress Imperative (SPI) has compiled a list for travellers to take into account. Here is the list of 9 safest countries to visit.

#1. Iceland

Iceland World’s 9 Safest Countries to Visit

Home of Björk, geothermal power, glaciers and hot spring, Iceland is another Nordic nation that is considered very safe to visit. This tiny volcanic nation in the North Atlantic Ocean was at one time the world’s most developed country according to the UN, and one of the world’s wealthiest per capita. Renowned for its first-rate social welfare system, low levels of violent crime and high respect for human rights, Iceland was hit especially hard by the great recession of 2009 and fell in the rankings due to a higher likelihood of political instability in comparison to the other leaders on the GPI. Source:

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