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9 Zodiac Combinations That Will Have The Most Brutal Breakups

Break ups are never easy, and when you love someone you want them to stay and when you find yourself falling out of love with them you try your best to end things in a polite way. Not all signs can walk away quietly. If you are obsessed with how astrology works and what may be a disastrous break up for you and your boo you can read this article about 9 different zodiac combinations of each zodiac and the major breakups that can occur.

#1. Gemini and Capricorn

Gemini and Capricorn - 9 Zodiac Combinations

Capricorns are much more reserved and conservative type of creatures, whereas Geminis can be a bit flighty, wild, and slightly reckless. Often Capricorns will feel like the parent rather than a lover, to a free-spirited Gemini. At first, Capricorns become attracted towards a Gemini’s wild and quick-minded behaviors, they are fast minded, clever sense of humor, and most of all light-hearted personalities. But as the relationship begins to grow, Capricorns often will feel as if their Gemini partner does not care. Although Geminis are the most loyal zodiac signs, their flighty personalities make their partners think otherwise. When these two break up– Capricorns are actually capable of letting go of Gemini’s crazy personalities and Geminis feel the need to work it out. Although both have their strengths in the relationship– the moment these two break up all they will be able to see are their faults. Most likely Gemini will end up resenting Capricorn for their rigidity and inhibitions whereas Capricorns look at Geminis and see that they lack the ability to commit.

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