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9 Brands: Spring 2017 Menswear

The Spring 2017 menswear season is underway in London, the dominant color palettes for menswear confirm various forecasted themes that place a renewed focus on reworked tradition, jovial prints and patterns, luxe leisure, and fresh and first-hand journeys to old places. Accordingly, the color stories for next spring/summer are a dependable indicator of palette shifts and nuances in the seasons ahead. 

#1. Craig Green

Craig Green - 9 Brands: Spring 2017 Menswear

There’s something strangely English about what Craig Green does. The focus on craftsmanship. Craig Green’s clothes are open to interpretation and extrapolation; when Green himself talks about them, he generally references wide and bold. This time, he talked about flags, about garments flapping like tarpaulins around the body, about saturated colors strung like bright bunting, and a draped number that reminded him of the white fabric of surrender. Source

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