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The 9 Most Corrupt Countries in the World

#5. Sudan

Sudan - The 9 Most Corrupt Countries in the World

The Republic of the Sudan is a country in Northeast Africa. It houses 37 million people (2017) and
occupies a total area of 1.861.484 square kilometres (718.722 square miles), making it the third largest
country in Africa. The economy of Sudan has been steadily growing over the 2000s, and according to a
World Bank report the overall growth in GDP in 2010 was 5.2 percent compared to 2009 growth of 4.2
percent. Corruption in the judicial system is a high risk for investors, both in the form of petty corruption as well as in the form of political interference. While the judiciary is institutionally differentiated, it is largely controlled by the executive. Nevertheless, companies are advised to exert caution when dealing with exports and imports, given that petty bribery and patronage systems are widespread in the country and likely to affect the customs administration as well.

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