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9 Home Remedies To Fight Against Blepharitis

Eyelashes contain follicles and it has oil glands. These type of glands get irritated and clogged because of some infection which causes inflammation. This is called as eyelid inflammation and blepharitis. It is still not possible to know the cause of blepharitis and there are few factors which enhances the factors of risk. Some of the factors of blepharitis include eyebrows or scalp dandruff, oil glands malfunctioning, infectious bacteria, medication side effects, eye makeup allergies and lice on eyelash. Blepharitis causes discomfort and also affects the vision. Some are the symptoms and signs including watery eyes, red eyes, oily eyelids, burning sensation of eyes, swollen eyelids and itchiness in eyelids. It increases the sensitivity to light and sensation of nagging which causes something to be in eyes. Here are 9 home remedies to fight against blepharitis.

#1. Maintain Eyelid Hygiene

Maintain Eyelid Hygiene- 9 Home Remedies To Fight Against Blepharitis

It is important to have good hygiene to treat the inflammation of eyelid. This problem occurs on continuous basis and with the practice of eyelid hygiene and good skin, you can protect your eyelid from such occurrences. It is good to clean your eyelids with warm water and a cleansing solution is good to be used which is prescribed by the family consultant or doctor. This can protect you from lashes formation and it can also protect you from having scaly patches on eyelids and oil residue. It is also important to wash you eyebrows, scalp and hair with the antibacterial shampoo.

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