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Top 9 Cool Reasons To Visit Switzerland

Switzerland has set itself apart from the rest of Europe. It is safe, clean, you can get around easily bypublic transport and there are no language barriers. Offering incredible mountain scenery and beautiful Alpine resorts, it is easy to understand why Switzerland is a top tourist destination. Here are the top 9 reasons to visit Switzerland.

#1. Matterhorn – Landmark of Pride

Matterhorn - Landmark of Pride - Top 9 Reasons To Visit Switzerland

The pyramid shaped lofty mountain is inseparably connected to the heritage of Switzerland. Said to be the most difficult to climb and the most photographed peak in the world. The Matterhorn along with the
adjacent Little Matterhorn.This is the iconic symbol of the city of Zermatt, which lies at the base of these
proud symbols of Switzerland. Whether you’re traveling in the winter or summer, a ride on the Gornergrat railway from the village of Zermatt takes you to the starting point of an unforgettable tour that’s focused on the legendary mountain.

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