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Top 9 The Richest Americans Live Places

These nine richest multi-billionaires have a combined billions at their withdrawal, most of which is still held as stakes in the companies they founded. However, part of their fortune is vested in real estate. Mr. Gates owns a Washington mansion worth about $170 million, several horse ranches across the U.S. and shares in some luxury hotel chains through his private investment firm, Cascade. Here, take a look at the residences the nine richest Americans home.

#1. Bill Gates – Medina, Washington

Bill Gates - Medina, Washington - Top 9 The Richest Americans Live Places

Mr. Gates spends most of his time at his 66,000-square-foot Medina, Washington, mansion, nicknamed Xanadu 2.0 after the title character’s estate in Citizen Kane. The mansion overlooks Lake Washington. It took Mr. Gates seven years and $63.2 million to build this house, which is filled with lots of high-tech features. He purchased the lot for $2 million in 1988, but it’s now worth an estimated $170 million, according to public records.

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