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9 Bad Beauty Habits You Must to Break

Everyone has a bad habit. Whether it’s leaving wet towels on the bed or sleeping with a full face of makeup, we’re all guilty of something because…life. Some quirks are worse than others, particularly when it comes to your beauty routine. Your hair, makeup, and nail missteps may seem harmless now, but eventually they could require even more effort to repair. Here are 9 of the top beauty experts in the industry for those killer practices they all really wish we’d stop doing.

#1. Ditch the drinking straw

Ditch the drinking straw

Years from now, you’ll be grateful you stopped. The continued pursing of the lips leads to the formation of lip lines, sometimes referred to as smoker’s lines. The only way to prevent the lines is to stop the repetitive action that causes them. Otherwise, you might have to consider hyaluronic acid fillers to remedy lines around the lips. Break this habits.

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