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9 Bad Habits That Could Hurt Your Relationship

A happy, healthy relationship is based on respect, communication, openness and love, and it definitely requires that both people make an effort. Lots of people have terrible relationship habits that can be pretty hard to break.Bad habits make both people unhappy, and over time, the relationship suffer can seriously suffer as a result. So you have to know these 9 bad habits that could hurt you relationship.

#1. Being melodramatic all the time

Being melodramatic all the time - 9 Bad Habits

Some people are guilty of constantly being super melodramatic when it isn’t necessary, and this can quickly ruin a relationship. Don’t be melodramatic. This creates unnecessary drama in your relationship, and it means that you will have full-blown fights about small issues that aren’t really that important. It also means that your partner will think that you often overreact to things, so they will be dismissive of you when you are genuinely upset.

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