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Top 9 Most Crazy Summer Vacation Destinations 2018

It’s time for summer sun and fun! Plan your family’s vacation or find activities for outdoor fun right at home. These are just a few ideas to get you thinking. Because there are more weeks in summer to travel, and the weather is a little better, summer vacation might be the travel highlight of the year for your family. If you still need to pick a place on the map to head this summer, these 9 most crazy summer vacation destinations can provide the respite and atmosphere you’re looking for.

#1. Tasmania, Australia

Tasmania, Australia - 9 Most Crazy Summer Vacation Destinations 2018

You must visit because it’s the most surprising location in the middle of such spectacular scenery. Most people have heard of Wineglass Bay but there’s so much more to it, walking there. Each season in Tasmania has its own appeal, making anytime a great time to visit! During the summer months it is festival time and can be very busy. Due to the varying climate no matter when you come to Tasmania bring a warm jacket. If you are coming in the cooler months, it’s best to bring clothing you can layer because even the winter sun can be quite warm.

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