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Designing a Nursery in Nine Easy Steps

This is a time of life when you’re about to welcome a new and wonderful life into the house and it is important to view creating the nursery as a fun creative process that is totally yours to control rather than imposing any harsh expectations on yourself. Here’s your go-to guide to what you need to know when putting together your new baby’s happy place. Because, the most important thing you can do in creating this space is to design a nursery that makes you smile, relax and enjoy.

#1. The crib

 The crib - Designing a Nursery in Nine Easy Steps

The crib should be your investment piece in the room. You may be thinking this is a temporary item and not worth the expense, but many kids sleep in their cribs for three or more years. Also, if you’re planning to have more children, a sturdy crib can last through several kiddos. Be sure the crib meets all safety standards. This is the one place you’ll leave your baby alone, it’s worth the piece of mind to invest in a quality baby crib. Some cribs convert to toddler beds and even full size beds. A toddler rail is a great option for babies that start climbing out of cribs at an early age. Choose a crib that matches your personal taste. If you’re going to be having more kids, keep it gender neutral.

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