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List of 9 Most Famous Pirates in World History

#4. Henry Every “Long Ben” (English, 1653-unknown)

Henry Every "Long Ben" (English, 1653-unknown) - 9 Most Famous Pirates

Every began his naval career in the British Royal Navy. He served on various ships before he joined a venture known as the Spanish Expedition Shipping in 1693. He became pirate captain through mutiny, leading to his renown as one of the most feared and successful pirates of the Red Sea. Though he didn’t take many ships, the two that he did capture were among the finest in the Indian Ocean (one of them being India’s treasure ship, bulging with gold and jewels). Upon his great wealth (he was the richest pirate in the world), Every retired – but he continued to be hunted far and wide, and his true whereabouts at the time of his death remain unknown.

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