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List of 9 Most Famous Pirates in World History

#5. Anne Bonny (Irish, 1700-1782)

Anne Bonny (Irish, 1700-1782) - 9 Most Famous Pirates

Having traveled to the New World with her family, Anne fell in love and married a poor sailor named James Bonny. But when she grew increasingly disappointed by her husband’s lack of valor, she began seeking out the company of many different men in Nassau. Among these men, was “Calico Jack” Rackham, captain of a pirate ship. She joined his crew whilst acting and dressing like a man (including drinking and fighting profusely). Thus, she fought under his command, and along with fellow female pirate Mary Read, she coaxed the crew onto even greater bloodshed and violence and became a formidable pirate herself. However, she was captured with Rackham’s crew and sentenced to death. Both she and Mary Read claimed pregnancy in prison, and their death sentences weren’t carried out (but Mary had the misfortune of dying in prison). No one is sure how the famous female pirate died, though there is speculation that she returned home to her husband or her father.

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