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Top 9 Gingerbread House Ideas For Christmas

Bring some Christmas magic to your home with a classic holiday tradition—homemade gingerbread houses! The edible establishments made out of graham crackers or gingerbread are fun to decorate with an assortment of colorful candies and make a fun presentation on your holiday table.With candy cane fences, gumdrop pathways and frosting everywhere, gingerbread houses are a popular way to decorate for Christmas. The best designs can take weeks or months to prepare and come complete with marzipan statuettes, intricately piped royal icing and lighted windows made of sugar. In simpler forms, gingerbread house kits can be decorated in just a few hours — perfect for an evening of holiday-themed entertainment or starting an annual family tradition. Feast your eyes on these amazing gingerbread houses. You’re bound to find some inspiring ideas for decorating your own edible masterpiece.

#1. Gingerbread fairytale castle

Gingerbread fairytale castle  - Gingerbread House Ideas For Christmas

This gingerbread castle is what dreams are made of. To take it up yet another level, add a moat and horses around the back of this lovely design. Recipe

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