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9 Home Remedies for Stopping Bedwetting

Wetting the bed is caused by a mix of three things- the body making a large amount of urine through the night, a bladder that can only store a small amount of urine at night and not being able to fully wake up from sleep. Bedwetting is a condition that can be found not only amongst kids, but also among people of any age. If your kid continues to wet his/her bed even after attaining the age of more than 7 years, it’s important to know the possible cause and get rid of this problem. Getting angry with your little one and punishing him for wetting the bed will only add pressure to stay dry and will make the problem worse. It’s difficult to stop a child from wetting the bed, and you shouldn’t worry about it unless he is embarrassed and asks you for help. Reassure your child that he is not alone, and that bedwetting is very normal among his age group. You can also try to consider specific home remedies for stopping bedwetting.

#1. Cinnamon

Cinnamon - 9 Home Remedies for Stopping Bedwetting

Make your child chew cinnamon bark once in a day. Cinnamon powder is the most effective home remedy to treat bedwetting. If he doesn’t want to chew it, then, powder the cinnamon bark and mix some sugar in it. Sprinkle the mix over the bread toast and serve it to your child during the breakfast.

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