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9 Hottest Male Celebrity Tattoos

You love your boyfriend (husband? Lucky you!), but then there are these hot celebrity men. You see them and then you maybe forget about your man for two seconds.

#1. Adam Levine – Tattoos (Celebrity tattoos)

Adam Levine - Tattoos (9 Hottest Male Celebrity Tattoos)

Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine had the ladies panties flying for doing the famous butt-naked photo shoot
that went viral for weeks showing off his chiseled body and tattoos. What the women didn’t consciously
know was that it was also the tattoos that sparked the attraction, and the ladies were curious — what do
those tattoos mean? Let’s identify a few: Levine has a tattoo on the left side in Sanskrit which pertains to his
passion for Yoga, the 222 on his forearm represents the door number of the very 1st studio where Maroon
5 first recorded in, He has a dove with cherry blossoms to pay tribute to all the lives lost in 9/11, and some
flowers above it dedicated to his mom, Patsy. He also has a “Los Angeles” tattoo on his right upper bicep
where he was born, and some more tattoos on his arm added in 2010 dedicated to his beloved mom. Source: answers.yahoo.com

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