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9 Innovative, Eco-Friendly Designer Lamps Made From Bamboo

We can do some things to decelerate the environmental degradation. Taking the first step towards an eco-friendly lifestyle can be as simple as replacing those ugly plastic light fixtures with ones that are made from greener materials. Bamboos are used by humans for centuries to manufacture useful products. One of the most popular bamboo products are the bamboo lamps. The bamboo lamps are not only aesthetically appealing but durable as well. These lamps are inexpensive too and are found in different shapes and sizes adding to the décor of our homes. Here is a list of 9 innovative, eco-friendly designer lamps made from bamboo for green decor.

#1. Moolin by Iasfera

Moolin by Iasfera

First showcased at the 2011 Beijing Design Week, the incredibly artistic Moolin lamp is a masterpiece by designer Henri Garbers. Manufactured by Beijing-based studio Iasfera, this exclusively-handmade luminaire is built using pliable pieces of bamboo. Source

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