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Top Nine Interesting Conspiracy Theories

#3. Big Pharma

Big Pharma

Almost everybody (except investors) loves to hate the drug companies. Drugs cost too much, drug company profits are obscene, and it seems that every few months some drug once claimed to be safe is yanked off the shelf after patients die. It’s little wonder that the drug industry (“Big Pharma”) is looked upon with suspicion. But some proponents of “alternative medicine” believe that drug companies actually conspire to keep people sick to reap profits.Kevin Trudeau claims that important medical information is being kept hidden by a conspiracy between the medical establishment and big drug companies. According to Trudeau, “There are certain groups, including… the drug industry… that don’t want people to know about cures for diseases…” Actress and model Jenny McCarthy appeared on “Larry King Live,” accusing doctors and the pharmaceutical industry of conspiring to suppress evidence of a link between childhood vaccines and autism.

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