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9 Intimate Things Every Couple Should Do

If you want to get intimate with your honey you must to know intimacy is not just about making love it is the build-up of anticipation, the rush of exhilaration and an outburst of excitement. Intimacy strengthens the threads of a relationship, helps to establish communication and lays the foundation for a happy journey together. So here are some intimate things that every couple should do at least once.

#1. Sensual bath

Sensual bath - 9 Intimate Things Every Couple Should Do

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Instead of just showering together, arrange a sensual bath that you and your sweetheart can enjoy together. Light some candles, pour some wine, play some music and get all set to have some bubbly fun. Relax once you are in, take all the time you need and have all the fun you can. Add some aroma candles or exciting fragrances to enhance the sensual quotient of this experience.

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