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Last 9 Best Games You Have To Know About

The titles produced by the video game industry over the last five years are as diverse and stratified as any other period in the medium’s history. With the seventh generation of gaming rapidly coming to a close, the titles that marked the tail end of this era have been some of the most thematically complex and narratively challenging titles the industry has ever seen. If you check the storefronts on Steam, PlayStation 4 or Xbox One every week, you’re sure to find that 9 great games you have to know about.

#1. “The Witcher III: Wild Hunt”

"The Witcher III: Wild Hunt" - Last 9 Best Games You Have To Know About

This obviously isn’t some obscure indie game. “The Witcher III” won several Game of the Year awards in 2015. Imagine if every random side quest in “Skyrim” had the same level of care put into it as the main story. That’s “The Witcher III,” a game where something as innocuous as finding materials for an armorsmith can turn into an hours-long journey with emotional twists and turns.

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