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The Top 9 Moves For Fast Pec Growth

Sometimes, weightlifting can seem to get a little too technical. What once seemed like a simple exercise, picking up weights and putting them down, can transform into a Byzantine discussion of techniques, tempos, time under tension, or muscle origins, insertions, genetics and hormonal manipulations. Here are 9 top pec growth moves, with a little explanation why they should be a part of your chest building program.

#1. Barbell Bench Press

Barbell Bench Press - The Top 9 Moves For Fast Pec Growth

Known as the “king” of upper body exercises, the barbell bench press has likely been part of more pec growth programs than any other movement. The bench press is a classic overall chest builder.
Tips: Use the bench press for muscle-building and not showing off. Use strict form, a full range of motion, a controlled pace and reps in a range of 8-12 for most sets.

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