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9 Mind-Blowing Mysteries That Remain Unsolved

We will never solve all the mysteries out there. While most of us get our mystery fill from the latest thrillers and crime novels, there’s a whole load of weird tales out there in the world, waiting to be unearthed. Human history is packed to the rafters with strange tales of the unknown and if they weren’t lifted directly from real life. There’s no way that we would believe they could be true. We’ve got some seriously weird unsolved mysteries to share with you.

#1. The Mayan Empire Mysteries

The Mayan Empire - 9 Mind-Blowing Mysteries That Remain Unsolved

The Mayan civilization was the most advanced in the world. Creators of complex communication systems, breathtaking architectural feats and intricate ceremonies. The Mayans were unlike anything that had come before. The civilization’s sudden disappearance, then, was very strange indeed and despite a few clues here and there. Whilst researchers attempt to put together theories of what actually led to the Mayan demise, we will forever be in the dark. Source

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