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9 Older Models Who Are Absolutely Beautiful

These women are proud of their unconventional looks, disregard trends for personal style, eschew gender conformity for feminism, and exercise their sharp wits, all while they perfect the art of aging gracefully. But modeling isn’t the only arena where these women shine. They’re award-winning actresses, successful entrepreneurs, and best-selling authors. Here are the list of 9 older models who are Absolutely beautiful todays. They have their own secrets to living happy, fulfilling, healthy lives without being thwarted by something as inconsequential as age.

#1. Daphne Selfe, 90

Daphne Selfe - 9 Older Models Who Are Absolutely Beautiful

Daphne Selfe born in 1928. Just after her twenty-first birthday she won a local magazine cover girl
competition and joined the Gaby Young Agency in London, where she trained to be a model. She has
been an artist’s model, a house model and a commercial model, appearing in advertisements for anything
from clothes to breakfast cereal to gin. She has told her extraordinary story in her memoirs “The Way We Wore”.

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