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What Sleep Positions Says About Your Love Life

Your sleep positions has to do or is related to your personality as well as the status of your relationship. Sleep positions are a body language and transmit something about each couple. Whether you are sleeping in different or the same position, it simply can indicate how happy or boring and satisfied you are in a relationship. Here are various sleep positions and certain interpretations on how it is related to your relationship.

#1. The honeymoon hug

The honeymoon hug - What Sleep Positions Says About Your Love Life

This position is occurs when couples just cannot get enough of each other they want to face each other, seemingly gaze into each other’s’ eyes, even in sleep. Honeymoon huggers face each other and touch all or some of the front of their bodies. One partner may even cradle the other partner’s face in their hands. This is a common position after couples first begin to make love. In addition, is also seen frequently in couples who are not married.

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