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9 Style Errors That Make You Look Older

Too many women make the most basic style errors that can make them look at least a decade older. You might put in the time at the gym, count every calorie that passes your lips and invest more than you spend on your mortgage in the latest anti-ageing products, but if you make certain style clangers you might as well go out with your date of birth tattooed on your forehead. So here is my list of the top 9 things that will make you look older.

#1. Big bauble necklaces

Big bauble necklaces

There is something about a hefty necklace made up of giant baubles that screams: Crepey decolletage — look away now! Which, of course, only serves to highlight the problem area. So many older women do this: feminist Germaine Greer and Newsnight presenter Kirsty Wark, to name just two.
Another common mistake is to wear too much jewellery, especially if it’s made of gold. This is so old-fashioned. Platinum, white gold or silver will give your look an instant update. And instead of plastic baubles, try a statement necklace of Swarovski crystals on a wide black ribbon. Source: dailymail.co.uk

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