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i.Con : 9 Facts About The World’s First Smart Condom

" Not only have we innovated the world’s first smart condom ring – that’ll measure pretty much every aspect of performance in the bedroom – but now I’m pleased to confirm that it will also have built-in indicators to alert the users to any potential STIs present." - Lead i.Con engineer Adam Leverson. Here are 9…

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9 of The Most Oldest Versions of Things We Use in Today

Sometimes we take for granted how advanced our culture is and the products we use on an everyday basis. We also don’t always think about how advanced certain cultures were hundreds, and even thousands of years ago. These 9 oldest items show how societies in ancient times had similar items of everyday life. #1. Oldest…

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Condoms: 9 Interesting Facts That You Never Know

The history of the condom is somewhat murky, with historians unable to ascertain when people even began using them. Despite being something of a punchline, condoms are responsible for saving countless lives and are one of the most important developments in maintaining public health. #1. The oldest condoms The oldest condoms ever excavated were found…

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