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Top 9 Countries Where Cancer Deaths Are on the Decline

Cancer is the deadly disease that destroys the body’s immune system and makes the body prone and exposed to other diseases.There were 12.7 million of cancer patients around the world according to the 2008 estimates out of which 6.6 million were men, and around 6.1 million were reported to be women. The breast cancer rate…

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9 Celebrity Parents Who Tragically Lost Their Children

Tragedy can strike us all at any given moment. But what could possibly be worse than the feeling of losing a child? Here are 9 celebrity parents  suffered tragic fate. #1. Juvenile New Orleans rapper Juvenile lost his four-year-old daughter Jelani to a violent end in 2008. She was murdered by her half-brother Tyrone Terrell…

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9 Celebrity Deaths That Will Haunt You To The Grave

The world lost these famous actors and musicians far too soon but it was how they died that haunts their legacy. All of them were involved in freak accidents or circumstances and after reading the details, you may think twice about going to do. These are 9 of the most haunting celebrity deaths over the…

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