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9 Surprising Things You Can Cook In The Microwave

In fact, just a few ingredients and a microwave can get you pretty far. If you're time strapped, want to whip up a hot meal at work or simply don't want to deal with an oven, here are nine foods that come out great after being nuked. #1. Cinnamon rolls When cooking bakery items, using a microwave-safe…

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Top 9 Healthy Foods to Control Diabetes

If you have diabetes, it can be hard to figure out how to eat to feel your best and the main goal is keepyour blood sugar under control. There are lots of diabetic diet-friendly foods you can enjoy. These top nine foods to eat with diabetes are nutrient-packed powerhouses that can help you control your blood sugar…

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Top 9 Creative Easter Egg Decorating Ideas And History

Easter is a great time to celebrate with family and friends. The tradition of painting hard-boiled eggs during springtime pre-dates Christianity. In many cultures around the world, the egg is a symbol of new life, fertility and rebirth. For Christians, the Easter egg is symbolic of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Painting Easter eggs is…

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