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Top 9 Hottest Celebrity Vacation Spots

When celebrities need to take a break from their busy lives in the spotlight, the world’s most exotic beaches, exclusive nightlife and luxurious resorts become their oyster but sometimes their vacation destinations are not always as exotic or surprising as you might think. Here’s where to go, so you, too, can vacation like a star. So here are nine favorite celebrity vacation spots.

#1. Hawaii

 Hawaii - Top 9 Hottest Celebrity Vacation Spots

While most Americans escape to Florida for some fun in the sun, celebrities like to jet off to Hawaii.A few of the celebrities that have spent their downtime in Maui include, Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox, Owen Wilson, Oprah, Justin Bieber and Britney Spears. Just some of the amenities the island has to offer include, breathtaking hikes, volcanoes, national parks, a variety of beaches, five star hotels and of course, it wouldn’t be Hawaii without a Luau. Maui offers the perfect getaway for celebs who want to spend their vacation getting in touch with nature and relaxing on the beach. And of course, they’re all sure to come back with a fresh new healthy. Source

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