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Top 9 Most Dangerous Volcanoes

#2. Apoyeque, Nicaragua

Apoyeque, Nicaragua - Top 9 Most Dangerous Volcanoes


Although Managua, capital of Nicaragua, lies uncomfortably close to two recent caldera-producing volcanic systems, Apoyo and Masaya, a far greater danger is posed by the Nejapa Volcanic Field on its Western city margin which runs all the way to the Apoyeque stratovolcano, as chillingly unassuming as Taal in the Philippines. There is evidence for eruptions up to and including VEI 6 and as several eruptions have occurred below the surface of Lake Managua/Xolotlán, there is a very real danger of a future eruption causing a 20+ m high tsunami with the capacity to strike Managua within minutes of the onset. Source

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