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Top 9 Most Dangerous Volcanoes

#3. Campi Flegrei, Italy

Campi Flegrei, Italy - Top 9 Most Dangerous Volcanoes

While most people believe that Vesuvius poses the greatest risk to Naples, Campi Flegrei, “The Burning Fields”, poses a far greater danger. Not because it is a caldera volcano capable of VEI 7 eruptions, but because much of the Greater Naples area is built within the caldera where even a smaller eruption, by the standards of calderae, can prove a mega-killer. We know from both Campi Flegrei itself and from the similar Rabaul Caldera that the onset of such eruptions can be so rapid as to offset even the best monitoring and hazard mitigation schemes. Since the most recent full-scale caldera eruption ~14,900 years ago, there have been at least a further 65 eruptions of the Campi Flegrei. Source

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