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Top 9 Most Dangerous Volcanoes

#4. Mount Aso, Japan

Mount Aso, Japan - Top 9 Most Dangerous Volcanoes

Right in the middle of Kyushu lies the 18 x 25 km Aso Caldera which has been formed by four large, ignimbrite-emplacing explosive eruptions over the past 300,000 years dated at 270, 140, 120 and 90 thousand years ago. Recent studies indicate that just below the crust, at the top of the Astenosphere, lies a large, serpentinised wedge. The copious amounts of water locked up in serpentinites will be released as this wedge melts and large amounts of superheated water can both melt overlying rock to form large quantities of evolved magmas as well as drive very large, explosive eruptions. Source

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